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$1,550,000 USD

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Business Overview:
  1. Description: These highly automated Amazon businesses offer prestigious, elegantly designed, luxury beauty & make-up items through 3 premium private label designer brands.
  2. Years and Months Operating: Over 1.5 years
  3. Reason for Sale: The Seller is a medical student focusing on becoming a doctor and passing difficult exams before hospital rotations. She has no time for anything but studying and exams at the moment and has shifted her entire focus and career away from business and towards medicine
  4. Trailing 12 Months Revenue: Over $700,270 USD
  5. Trailing 12 Months Net Profit: $407,386 USD
  6. Last Months Revenue: $53,000 USD
  7. Last Months Net Profit: Over $28,000 USD
  8. Average Monthly Net Profit: Over $33,000 USD (includes bigger months like Prime Month or Valentines Day)
  9. Marketing Methods: None. All organic via good keywords optimization & superior products.
  10. Physical Inventory On Hand: 75,000+ units (worth over $120,000 USD cost at supplier): Enough for the next 2 years of sales. Included in sale price.
  11. Future Business Opportunities: The business has a lot of room for growth if the new owner wants to scale it:
    • Influencer Partnerships: In my experience females like beauty, but they love makeup. That’s why all those young youtube girls from makeup tutorials channels keep becoming millionaires around the world. This creates an opportunity for the new owner of this business to partner with similar influencers as these young youtube girls have massive traffic and you would have premium products. Because of the luxury designs + popular category aspect of the niche, the items are also perfect for all forms of influencers marketing (being featured on blogs, unboxing YouTube videos, Instagram, Pinterest, etc – because of how visually appealing they are.  


  • Affiliate Marketing: These people act as resellers and invest in their own marketing and ads spent taking % of sales, no upfront cost. It’s essentially like having hundreds of marketing employees without paying them upfront without results/extra sales generated. There are dedicated websites that offer introductions and tracking. This represents a big potential avenue for scaling & growth.
  • Other marketplaces with existing product selection. E.g. Walmart, Jet, Etsy.
  • Shopify Site: Capturing additional sales via own Shopify site,
  • Start Paid Ads: Driving Google, Youtube, Facebook traffic to the listings. Inhouse marketers or hired agencies can do this.
  • Cross Selling: Adding some cross selling coupon codes to the promo codes sections of the listings.
  • Expanding Product Line with more SKUs: Since our supplier has an amazing catalog of 1,000 gorgeous items with great low prices and superior luxury designs this is a no brainer for the expansion of the business.
  • Geographic Expansion: Offering existing product selection internationally on Amazon’s: Japan, Singapore, Australian marketplaces.
  • Subscribe & Save: This can be turned on for recurring income on monthly subscribers (Amazon feature).
    Contact us via Facebook, Messenger or Email. You can also fill out the contact form to the right and we will reply as soon as we can.


    Contact us via Facebook, Messenger or Email. You can also fill out the contact form to the right and we will reply as soon as we can.



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    George was always reliable and transparent through the process. Even to the buyer George talked about both the good things and the bad things about the business, and was in the process of really making a good deal, which is what a broker should do.

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    Our Sales Process

    We keep our listing process short and simple for sellers. Sellers fill out a sheet with simple listing information and answer some questions that buyers ask. Then its backend website access and Google Analytics access so that we can verify the financials, and of course a profit and loss sheet. Once listed our business take on average 3 months to sell.