Ecommerce Brokers is a brokerage agency that sells ecommerce brands and businesses. All our businesses for sale are profitable and are fully functioning businesses, not just drop shipping stores. The value of Ecommerce Brokers is in its advisors. Any person who works with our clients has firsthand experience in buying, selling, and starting their own Internet based business.


We take great pride in our relationships with our buyers and see every new sale as the beginning of a long term partnership. Our clients usually purchase multiple stores over many months and years because of this. We consider our buyers to be part of the Ecommerce Brokers family, and treat them as such.
George Moulos
Senior Broker

I’ve been in the ecommerce world for 13 years personally. I’ve built many ecommerce businesses and ran a marketing and media agency for roughly the same amount of time. Over the years I built a large network of marketers, ecommerce professionals, investors and clients from a wide range of industries and across many countries. After selling multiple of my own businesses a friend asked me to personally sell his website to someone in my network. I took to it and dedicated my time to perfecting a sales process and educating my network on the huge opportunity in the ecommerce world under the name Ecommerce Brokers which started in Sydney, Australia and now is a global business. I focus on serving a small and very qualified number of buyers

and sellers that I know on a personal level. I have a high standard for my buyers and sellers and have a general rule for sellers, “If I wouldn’t buy it, I won’t sell it”. The buyers are just as important for me and I often go to the effort of fully understanding what my buyers want to do with the business and evaluating if they have the tools to succeed in their ambitions before showing them detailed information. I take a much more personal approach than other site brokers and listing sites and often even meet my buyers and sellers in person as most of my buyers become sellers, and my sellers become buyers, and in this way I can operate successfully with a small but strong network.

Contact us via Facebook, Messenger or Email. You can also fill out the contact form to the right and we will reply as soon as we can.


Contact us via Facebook, Messenger or Email. You can also fill out the contact form to the right and we will reply as soon as we can.


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Referral Program:

We pay hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in referral commissions to clients, influencers and friends of our network that bring us buyers and sellers of online businesses and are always keen to work with more!

"George and Ecommerce Brokers are my go to broker when referring buyers and sellers!”

Joel Kaplan - CEO of Agency Lab & Entrepreneur Influencer