Elite Acquirers is a one of a kind service for serious buyers seeking to acquire online businesses

 Are you interested in acquiring established online businesses? Then Elite Acquirers (EA) is for you.

EA is a premium newsletter service that curates weekly emails of the best and personally vetted online businesses that have just been listed for sale on the market across all brokerages, marketplaces, Facebook Groups, Masterminds and even private M&A groups.

This way, you don’t have to individually subscribe to all of the different brokerage firms, or scour the marketplace to find a quality online business for sale. 

We provide a detailed overview and key benefits of each hand selected business as well as a professional brokers opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of each listing. You also have the option to get more insight on the listing for sale 

Our Benefits are not offered anywhere else

  • Buy Side Representation – EA provides industry leading buy-side representation for each and every one of our members, which means advising you throughout the entire transaction with complimentary negotiation, deal structure, financial and due diligence advisory services, as well as personal support 24/7 to ensure you acquire the best online business for the right value. Our industry leading negotiation and low-risk deal structure services can assist you in acquiring a business for up to 10-50% less than the listing price.

  • Kickbacks/Discounts on Acquisitions – We have partnerships with most brokerage firms, which means that we receive a referral fee each time a buyer we refer acquires a business from the firms that we promote. When members are represented through us, we share our referral fee with them upon the completion of the sale. That means you get a kickback/discount of up to 1-3% on on the acquisition price! This is offered by nobody else in the industry.

  • Save time and money by getting one email of the top handpicked online businesses for sale all in one place versus manually looking at a bunch of different newsletters, getting to listings late and having to pay full price!


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    30 day money back guarantee

    Are you looking to acquire 2-10 businesses per year and want targeted prospecting? Take a look at our Elite Acquirers Gold Service below:

    Gwen Sylvester

    Elite Acquirers provides a quick and easy view into the deals currently available in the industry

    Gwen Sylvestor

    Acquisitions at Thrasio
    Aug 12, 2021

    Mark Patchett

    Ecommerce Brokers and the Elite Acquirers service is a rare find. George has a no BS approach with a rare level of transparency. You know if they are giving something the green light that it’s well worth looking into. Highly recommended.

    Mark Patchett

    Founder at Growth Shop
    Aug 12, 2021


    This subscription is ideal for 3 types of buyers:

    1. First time buyers who are looking for expert guidance on how to navigate the online M&A world and make their first purchase.

    2. Seasoned online business and agency owners looking to buy and sell multiple businesses each year.

    3. Private equity, venture capital and companies looking to roll up multiple businesses each year 

    Want to know more about the service?

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    George Moulos
    Senior Broker

    I’ve been in the ecommerce world for 7 years personally. I’ve built many ecommerce businesses and ran a marketing and media agency for roughly the same amount of time. Over the years I built a large network of marketers, ecommerce professionals, investors and clients from a wide range of industries and across many countries. After selling multiple of my own businesses a friend asked me to personally sell his website to someone in my network. I took to it and dedicated my time to perfecting a sales process and educating my network on the huge opportunity in the ecommerce world under the name Ecommerce Brokers which started in Sydney, Australia and now is a global business. I focus on serving a small and very qualified number of buyers

    and sellers that I know on a personal level. I have a high standard for my buyers and sellers and have a general rule for sellers, “If I wouldn’t buy it, I won’t sell it”. The buyers are just as important for me and I often go to the effort of fully understanding what my buyers want to do with the business and evaluating if they have the tools to succeed in their ambitions before showing them detailed information. I take a much more personal approach than other site brokers and listing sites and often even meet my buyers and sellers in person as most of my buyers become sellers, and my sellers become buyers, and in this way I can operate successfully with a small but strong network.

    Contact us via Facebook, Messenger or Email. You can also fill out the contact form to the right and we will reply as soon as we can.


    Contact us via Facebook, Messenger or Email. You can also fill out the contact form to the right and we will reply as soon as we can.


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