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$2,200,000 USD

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Business Overview:
  1. Years and Months Operating: 4 years and 4 months 
  2. Wanting to pursue other endeavors
  3. Average monthly revenue: $310,517.15 AUD
  4. Trailing 12 months revenue: $3,823,492.00 AUD
  5. Training 12 months profit: $775,578.00 AUD
  6. Fixed Operating Costs (Monthly): 
    1. Our business is unique in the sense it is completely digital so our operating costs would essentially be internet & phone bill costs.
    2. Promotions through all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, etc. via organic traffic. Paid marketing has also been a large part of our company however we have transferred it to predominately organic (as it’s been very effective).
  7. Contracts: Each model has signed a contract that has been created and revised by several lawyers over the years to ensure it’s air-tight and remains extremely strong. 
  8. Assets: We have a large Instagram account network of over 800k followers (that we own). We also have an extensive list of other social media accounts that we are connected with totally well over 20 Million followers.
  9. Owner Time In the Business Weekly: The owner would be required to put in 5-10 hours maximum per week, which would mainly be focused around communicating with other directors. No “hard” or “intensive” work is required.
  10. Team: Currently there are 6 directors (2 of which have wage contracts until Aug 2024, as they were previously managers in the company). We also have 4 other staff members currently. In total, there are 6 directors and 4 staff members (10 individuals total).
  11. Delivery Time: The models in our agency create content which is then sent out to fans to purchase.
  12. Supply Structure: Subscription (monthly) $3-5 USD, PPV content anywhere from $10-500+ USD, there’s lots of variability)



      Ecommerce Brokers were very professional and helped to sell one of my businesses within 2 weeks. I would use them again in the future.

      Benny Yule



      The transaction and exchange of funds and assets was a very easy process. I had questions but the support that Ecommerce Brokers provided was fantastic. I would definitely recommend Ecommerce Brokers in the future.

      Sam Baldwin

      Business Buyer


      It was a very very simple listing and sale process… I would definitely recommend Ecommerce Brokers to other buyers and sellers, and already have!

      Jaryd Krause

      Business Coach


      George was always reliable and transparent through the process. Even to the buyer George talked about both the good things and the bad things about the business, and was in the process of really making a good deal, which is what a broker should do.

      James Van Elswyk


      Gwen Sylvester

      Elite Acquirers provides a quick and easy view into the deals currently available in the industry

      Gwen Sylvestor

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      Ecommerce Brokers and the Elite Acquirers service is a rare find. George has a no BS approach with a rare level of transparency. You know if they are giving something the green light that it’s well worth looking into. Highly recommended.

      Mark Patchett

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      For years now, George and his team have served as a premier online business brokerage for Flippa buyers and sellers. They’ve successfully sold over $3.6M USD worth of businesses on Flippa. Their impeccable white-glove service has enabled clients to securely and expeditiously conduct business t…

      Amber Burke

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      Our Sales Process

      We keep our listing process short and simple for sellers. Sellers fill out a sheet with simple listing information and answer some questions that buyers ask. Then its backend website access and Google Analytics access so that we can verify the financials, and of course a profit and loss sheet. Once listed our business take on average 3 months to sell.